Flying Autos for Solar Thermo Roads

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As the demand for speed is growing every day and as the ecological requirements are stricter there is a high demand for faster, safer and more ecological roads.

If you saw the great old movie 'Back To The Future` you cannot forget their great flying auto.

Of couse we could not put a reactor into any car but what if can we use a wireless charger to give the power to the our car.

We can use the Tesla which does not need to stop to get charged with the use of our technology or it is possible to make a new car that does not need to use the main active element which are the wheels.

As we have the way of how to charge the jet we can use a propeller with the electric or magnetic engine to fly over the road.

We can also use the passive magnets that fly over the road with the use of the under road magnetic field. A flying skateboard could be also made in such a way.

When using such technology we can have no speed limits except of the air resistance.

You will see better results of controllability for any such vehicles as we can always know exactly when road ends.

The brake path is also short and soft enough.

As the roads are always open to the sun and as the length of a roads is high enough.

It is highly possible to implement into the road the additional active elements - the on ground solar power plants that could collect the solar power for the best electricity generation. We can additionaly use the under road heating to have the road clean and workable.

All the ideas are covered by the laws of open licenses.

You can use web site or the contact form for more information from the author.

Notice: There are some similar conceptual ideas in South Korea - OLEV BUS and some other projects.


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