Secondary Power Assist for Two Wheelers

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1. Increasing vehicle population contributing to higher emission levels of CO2 that causes global warming. 2. Ever spiraling fuel price. 3. Need for an alternate source of power to drive vehicles for a cleaner environment.

Project Objective:
1. To reduce the emission of CO2, HC and other harmful gases. 2. To increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle without compromising the performance of the engine, in fact looking at enhancement. 3. For a fixed engine power output, the displacement of the engine can be lesser – thus giving a better power to weight ratio.

Project Outline:
In our invention, a thin compact brushless DC motor is mounted between the engine and the transmission system. The motor/generator acts as a secondary driving unit which not only assists the ICE but also drives the vehicle by itself. Therefore, it is possible to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions levels from the initial acceleration itself as complete shut off the ICE happens and drive is provided to vehicle from the BLDC motor for its motion.

Another aspect of the present invention is that it provides increased torque output to the final chain drive from the BLDC motor through manually transmitted gear box.

By this method, fuel efficiency of the vehicle can be increased without compromising the vehicle’s pickup and top speed.

1. Emissions can be reduced to a greater extent without compromising the rider’s pleasure. 2. Overall operating cost can be reduced. 3. This concept can also be implemented in sport sector to increase power for a given engine and fuel efficiency.


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