Leg Drive

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Leg Drive is a concept that enables the differently abled (hand related disabilities) to improve their mobility and independence.

The concept aims at enabling the differently abled to drive cars (control & navigate) using only their legs.

Using 4 pedals instead of the regular 2, the user can control the vehicle (accelerate & brake) and also navigate (left & right). A CVT arrangement coupled to an efficient motor scooter engine removes the need of a manual leg operated clutch pedal.

With 2 pedals for control, the other 2 are used for turning left and right by connecting the same to a potentiometer, which in turn in connected to the Electric power steering system.

Other action like enabling the parking brake, reverse control, engine push button, fuel tank opening are done using the controls near the left knee.


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  • Name:
    Vignesh Ramakrishnan
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    Team members:
    Shreyas Hande
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    The need to improve mobility for all.
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