Intelligent Refueling System

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Having human staff at night or in remote rural areas poses several practical difficulties, including health hazards, security problems and also it causes disputes in quantity and payment which lead to crowding at fuel stations. Regardless of the transportation method or type of fuel (electricity or gasoline), future vehicles will still regularly need fuel-filling. Automated fuel-filling will become important when smart vehicles travel on our roads. Moreover, it will necessitate an alert system, which can alert the fuel station location with distance, fuel availability at fuel station, get an appointment to fill the fuel, and reduce the time taken in manual process of filling.

To minimize these challenges and reduce the number of human attendants at fuel filling stations, an intelligent refueling station is proposed. The proposed system incorporates a user terminal, automatic refueling system, sensor system and alert system. It aims to provide automatic, fast and convenient 24-hour automobile refueling and also provide intelligent alerts.


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