Flying, Floating, Amphibious Quad Copter Helium Filled Hovercraft

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Slowly flying at the altitude of a quad copter, or cruising on a cushion of air as a ground effect hovercraft, this circular amphibious aircraft can also land on, ride on, and float on water.

Reduced in total weight by its helium (or hot air) inflated circular floatation skirt (creating a plenum chamber) and inflated enclosed- under-chassis-spaces, this circular vehicle can vertically take off and land more easily than an ordinary quad copter because it’s lighter. If made with a large enough diameter, this craft could become lighter than air.

Due to its reduced weight and multi-functionality, it is different from the Avro Avrocar, Chrysler's flying jeep, the Hiller flying platforms, Bell's ducted fan & fan in wing configurations, dual, tilted, and deflected thrust craft, quad copters, blimps, hovercraft, as well as Moller's first circular ducted fan saucers because this helium filled slightly heavier than air craft doesn't need as much energy to fly and far less to hover like a hovercraft. In addition, ordinary blimps can't ride like a hovercraft either. It can land on the ground or on water, and can sit with its engines and/or motors off floating on water. It can cruise from water on to land or back on to water like a hovercraft and then vertically take off to fly away in the sky.

The craft can be made with two or more ducted fans (fixed or tiltable. Each fan propeller having two or more blades can be powered by electrically driven direct servo drives, three phase or DC servo motors, or small engines like wankels. A small gasoline or diesel engine can drive an electric generator to power all electric motors.

Inertial accelerometers and gyroscopes attached to a microprocessor computer can now easily control steady balance in the air just like the myriad of quad copters now on the toy market. As a toy it would, of course, be powered by rechargeable batteries. If made very large and colored black, it could work on very sunny days without helium as a hot air balloon like craft. Heat from its engines can also be used to keep its contained hot air hot.

Differential torque amongst the motors enable rapid or slow highly controlled steering and turning of the craft. Pitch and roll of the craft is controlled by the speed of the front and back or left and right side propellers. Some gyroscopic stability is offered by the rotating ordinary and counter rotating reverse image propellers.

In various embodiments the invention of this flying, floating, amphibious quad copter helium filled hovercraft can be used as a military remotely piloted vehicle, camera carrying surveillance craft, recreational sport vehicle, very large diameter flying car, fishing boat, radio controlled toy, package delivery system, or weapon platform, therefore, serving a variety of needs. However, since it has limited auto gyro effect if power catastrophically fails, unless it is made large and lighter than air, it does pose inherent danger and risk if it fails.


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