Hands-Free Bike

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The present specially designed vehicle for the physically challenged person which can be driven and controlled by legs in which the steering control is transferred from hands to legs by a technical modification. The whole embodiment of the invention function dependently with all technical configuration of hallow and solid shafts, ball bearings, teethed wheel, gear chain , and circular plate, electrical, additional wheels and other integral components.

The technical field relates to the hands free motorbike for the physically challenged person. More specifically the invention relates to foot control steering plate incorporated with Ignition system, accelerator and brake pedals comprising electrical indicators (Sound horn, Flash and Direction lights). The invention further provides two additional wheels for the safety balance which is integrated to the rear end.

In the present generation, the automobile usage all over the world is increasing phenomenon in which particularly vehicle for physically challenged person is not satisfied all the requirements and comforts to them. The existing vehicles for physically challenged person mostly available for person with both hands so to address this problem, the present invention introduced with an all driving features functioned by legs which facilitated the hand less person to self drive the motorbike.

The objective of this invention is to facilitate the mobility of physically challenged person especially for the hand less persons with all driving functions accessible by legs covering ignition, steering, acceleration, brake and Indicator. Another object of the invention is an economic significant where the driving mechanism needs few assembles of spare parts so the production cost is low. Further object of this invention is the uniquely designed driving mechanism which facilitates multi-functioning system and east handling control through legs. It also provides safety balances in vehicle by its two wheels on the rear side. Yet another object of this invention is its compact structure and light weight which provides comfort and easily accessibility to the rider. Furthermore this invention is capable of application to any motorcycle within the scope of the inventive method as expressed and described here under. The specification is not intended to limit the invention to a particular 2 stroke engine type bike alone as disclosed herein.

In the existing technology the automobile companies manufacturing vehicles for physically challenged person with side wheels and other auxiliary modes which are not suit to the specific disabled persons to self drive. Further the substantial need for self controlled driving for hand less person is increased but no advancement have been done in the prior art in an effective way. Furthermore the existing vehicle for physically challenged persons is not satisfied the restricted use of limb in control mechanisms for a driver that need use of legs alone which is much rider friendly particularly for the hand less persons.



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