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Commonly people want to have a vehicle which will give good gas mileage as well as have a good design. But nowadays the trend has changed as people wants to have a compact,convertible design vehicle which also has to give a good mileage as equivalent as bike depending on load that is when only one person is there in vehicle with no passengers. And also people wants to have a vehicle with convertible design options like a single vehicle having options to be converted in to 4 wheeler, 3 wheeler, less no of engine cylinders running with less load, two wheel steering, single wheel steering, can be converted in to a big car with more space for a big family - I.e., like a van with more power. So here I have tried to design such a vehicle which will try to fulfil all above mentioned requirements ..... I you will like my design and help me to serve people by helping me to get my design produced. Thank you


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    Sudeendrakumar Pattar
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    Requirements of people
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    no software only sketching
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