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The company Mario Carnagh was founded in 1929 and boasts of a presence on the market of machine-tools, both in Italy and abroad, from more than 80 years. Characterized by the first Mario Carnaghi.

Nowadays it is a big Company in the Milling World and the third generation Mario Carnaghi is the CEO. The whole team of Mario Carnaghi, from the ground floor working place till the R&D department are making Mill Mac and Turn Mac for huge parts in every kind of Metal Industry. At this moment they have made the Mill Mac HG 30 5000 for a Shipyard in China. This Mill Mac can make Diesel engines at ones with the most precisely millimeter milling, so the engine will be very straight. The milling machine makes it in one time without losing any space in the shaft wholes and the piston wholes. The machine is designed like all Italian stuff almost is, so the engineer feels the machines and work with it if it is his colleague. He will be with the machine constantly.

At the moment the head is milling it will be constantly cooled by cooling water so the head will not be too hot, and can do his job at once. So it saves a lot of time and money in making big diesel engines.

For an impression look at the following YouTube video:


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    Hans Van Geluk
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    Hans van Geluk, Sales Agent at Van Geluk Agenturen;
    Riccardo Fiorani, Sales Manager at Mario Carnaghi;
    Mario Carnaghi Sr., Owner at Mario Carnaghi
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    Sales Agent for Mario Carnaghi
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    The Mill Mac HG 30 5000. A new Milling Centre from Mario Carnaghi to make Diesel engines for any kind of vehicle. Like Ships, Trucks, Grount Controls etc.

    Look at
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    Technics, reading, music, my family,
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    LinkedIn, Facebook
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    Our goal is to make our machines and heads better for our clients, so they can forward with the better making of their products. On their turn they can make Life easier for their customers.
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    Heidenhain CNC
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