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Innovative idea to create an eco friendly car which can work on petrol,solar energy,wind energy.

This is a concept car only it is mind.

We have a model on sketch and all we need to do is to make a prototype of this model which can actually cost 2 to 3 lakhs .
In this car we run it first with petrol and then we use the energy which is being wasted at the rear wheel (in case of front wheel drive car).
Other than this we have solar pannel on the roof to use the sun energy.
Else than this I have an idea of using small vertical axis turbine to generate power and use it for electronic system of car.

The detail cannot be told here .
But still I have uploaded some hand made paint file sketch of the model .
Thank you very much for reading this article so patiently.


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    Anoop Singh
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    my inspiration is from nature i want to conserve this mother earth my saving petrol energy .
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    working on ds catia v5
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