Automated Lift System

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There are few questions when you plan to go for a long drive.

1.What will you do when your tire gets punctured in a lonely road , dark night and heavy rain?

2. Do you know where to position the jack under the vehicle, and how much time and effort you need to lift the vehicle?

3. Will you be able to find whether the wheel is punctured or about to burst?

If you are working in your garage with your jack lifted car, are you sure that the jack won’t collapse and the vehicle won’t fall on you?

ALS answers all these questions...

An Automated Lift System (ALS) is defined as an arrangement used for lifting a vehicle with reduced effort and time. ALS has an integrated jack with it which is used to lift the vehicle when one of the tires gets punctured to replace it with a new one. It can lift vehicles in workshops to do under body repair work. An additional system in ALS can deduct puncture and burst condition of the wheels and send alert to dashboard. There is an existing system to measure the pressure of the wheels but every time when battery drains in the wheel sensor, the entire wheel has to be replaced but we designed a cheap and more effective system to replace the battery and longer life.

Previously, we had hydraulic and pneumatic jacks to perform to lift vehicles but the problem in this method is that the entire process requires manual operation; human effort and time needed are higher. Also the positioning of screw jack is different for different vehicles. Women and elderly people cannot use this manual method. Moreover, there are chances for fatal accidents to the person working under the car when the jack loses its stability. According to statistical reports, every year there are more than 500 accidents taking place due to this jack instability. Since this an integrated jack – it doesn’t get collapsed and need no external support.

1. When tire gets punctured, red signal alert will be on your dashboard; it will also show which wheel is punctured.
2. Just press the button below the screen and the punctured side will get raised; a light will glow on the top of the punctured wheel to help get it fixed.
3. After the wheel is fixed, press the same button and the car will get to its normal position.
With this unit installed in a car, we practically tested and proved that the wheel can be changed in 2 minutes.

Conclusion: This system will be one time investment and save lots of time and energy. It saves life when you are working under the car. Using this system, the wheel of heavy trucks can be replaced without any hazard. The final prototype is ready and the patent is awaited.We are waiting for angel investors for final manufacturing, we planning to approach automobile giants also. Think well and go for ALS! OSR



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