Transmission Lestran Orbital IVT™

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Lestran Orbital IVT™ Infinitely Variable Transmission Using Oscillating Torque

40% less cost and weight...... more torque and higher efficiency
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The patented Lestran Orbital IVT™ is a novel transmission design that transmits mechanical power via oscillating torque, rather than traditional speed ratio methods. This unique approach combines the high mechanical efficiency of fixed gear ratio transmission with the high engine efficiency obtained using a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) in a lightweight, rugged, and high-torque package.

The simple, high-efficiency design of the Lestran Orbital IVT™ allows the components to be sized for greater endurance and higher power while remaining smaller than competing designs. The high mechanical efficiency of the Orbital IVT™ eliminates hydraulic fluids and costly lubrication and cooling methods resulting in a dramatically higher maintainability and lower operating cost. The small number of parts and the straightforward parts design drive reduced manufacturing costs in both material and labor and increase reliability.

The high efficiency design allows the Orbital IVT™ to support high load, large vehicle applications previously not supported by existing CVT designs. The Orbital IVT™ can scale to support nearly any size application such as Heavy Trucks, Main Battle Tanks or Earth Movers.

Unlike conventional transmissions, this infinitely variable transmission (IVT) controls the output torque as opposed to the output speed ratio. Infinitely variable torque, from zero torque to the full capability of torque output, can be produced with no clutching or torque conversion required at the input. The power from the centrifugal forces of rotating eccentric masses is harnessed to create an oscillating torque. One-way clutches convert the oscillating torque to a unidirectional torque. Variable control of the amplitude of the torque results from the change in the center of gravity of the rotating masses.


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