Magnezing Car

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There are many serious problems associated with today’s basic automobile structure; to be more precise, with the basic automobile engine structure. In an IC engine fuel is used so the problem related to the amount of fuel remaining in the Earth's crust gets introduced. The basic automobile structure is not so eco friendly,  many types of pollution are associated with it such as air and noise pollution.

All these problems are basically associated with fuel combustion. What if there is car without fuel?

In my engines design the pistons are made up of permanent magnets. Basically two pistons in one cylinder for simplicity. You can increase as per requirement. These pistons are separated by a rotating magnet and coil. Working explained in diagram.

This reduces pollution due to combustion of fuel and noise pollution as there is no explosion in the engine cylinder. This will also reduce the cost of the engine cooling system, exhaust system. This will reduce overall cost and weight of the car.

This engine design will be efficient.


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