Six stroke engine with water injection

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Six stroke engine with water injection is a revolutionary idea to increase automotive efficiency. With the complexity of the four stroke IC engine, two strokes of water injection can be added as 5th and 6th stroke.

Atomised water spray converted to superheated steam under 7 bar and above 170 deg in motorcycle 150cc engine.

Superheated steam is finite form of water with full of energy. Superheated stroke will lead to another power stroke. So here Endothermic reaction will occur after combustion because of the water spray.

Which will help to reduce temperature. Mainly supercar's companies have goal to make engine run with better cooling.

Here a six stroke engine will keep the engine cooler so overall efficiency will be increased. which will lead us to low fuel consumption. Water cooling systems can be obsoluted from vehicles, obviously which will help to increase power/weight ratio.

I think this the best way to improve efficiency of every type of engine over the world.

I'm developing this engine with so many efforts I'd developed blueprint for that. Here are PDF attachments regarding the parts of the six stroke engine.
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    Recent scenario of poor efficiency engines.we are living in iconic age so we should move forward for Some innovations at automotive field
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