TEOP: The last Battery you will buy for your vehicle!

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TEOP is an acronym for Thermo-Electronic Optimum Power: A forever battery with a minimum service life of fifty years.

A rugged intelligent adaptation of the Therm-o-Electronic Battery, (US) patent application 14099911.

The device functions similar to an intelligent dynamic power supply with energy storage.

Electric energy is stored as thermal energy then recreated into electric energy in three forms: an idle mode of 14 volt output of 829 milliamps to run the quiescent electronics of a vehicle; A 14 volt 450 Amp output mode to crank a vehicle; A 14 volt output
mode at 10.5 to 25 Amps to run the electric air conditioning, blowers and other auxiliary functions of a vehicle with the ignition on. A Maximum output of 75 cranks or 23 hours of ancillary output and 13850 hours of idle from a fully charged state.

The main body of the Battery is contained and is suspended within and thermally isolated from the outside temperature by a high vacuum enhanced by material insulation. The control electronics, energy storage are contained within this inner container. It is suspended on cones within the outer container (A). The Battery has universal terminals (D) with a GM screw on at the tips of the terminals, and a sliding sleeve that covers outside body of the terminal. A mode that slides back to allow FORD sockets to be attached to the terminal. The sleeve (C) is magnetically biased to slide out when not impeded by a socket.

The status LED (B) shines green when the system is fully functional, yellow when a minimum of 16 cranks and six hours of ancillary operation remain, or 28 hours of idle remain. Red if a short is detected within the electrical system of the vehicle. And the LED is unlit if the battery is totally discharged.

Safety: Maximum operational +-200C outside these temperatures the ability to export used energy via the negative terminal may be compromised and inhibit the operation of the battery. The method of energy storage is benign to the environment. The storage method is stable no possibility of explosion or fire under any circumstances. There is not any requirement for corrosion protection.

Automatic detection of shorts, cross wiring and destructive input with immediate disconnect of outputs. Ceramic body is highly puncture and fracture resistant no possibility of human harm. Weight about 1/4 that of a lead-acid battery equivalent if an equivalent is at all possible.

The system shall reach Full Charge in fifteen minutes or less.


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