Hybrid Moped

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In automobiles, alternative fuel as replacement of conventional fuel is used, due to its
depletion and amount of emission, and has given way to Electric, CAT vehicles.

The gap between current technology and zero emission vehicles can be bridged by hybrid technology. Hybrid vehicles are those which can run on two or more fuels.

This technology maximizes the advantages of two fuels and minimizes disadvantages of the same. Best preferred hybrid is electric and fossil fuel.

Here, we explore hybrid technology in a two wheeler.

Hybrid technology is a need of the future which exhibits a variety of dynamical phenomena as it uses power of two fuel sources combined into one moped and it has been attracting research interest for many years. It also reduces emissions and is environmental friendly. It uses a combination of a traditional combustion engine that burns fossil fuels and an electric motor. These run in tandem, with the electric motor powering the moped when the combustion engine isn't used.

The objective of the hybrid moped is to give proper justification to hybrid technology using a two wheeler. As the petrol prices are going to rise with decrease of fossil foil hence it is necessary to find some alternative fuel and until that time conservation of the fossil fuel would have to be done. That is why using hybrid technology in a two wheeler also will lead to saving of petrol and also will emit less pollution than conventional petrol vehicle.


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    Utsav Modi
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    Utsav Modi ;Ujjaval Modi ;Pranay Shah ;Ankit Ahuja
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    There are various reasons which gave us inspiration to make this hybrid moped.Preservation of the environment and to reduce the fuel consumption was the main purpose behind selecting this project.it also help to decrease the running cost of moped.
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