Detachable Battery System On Electric Vehicle And Battery Exchange Stations

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Problem:- We all know that the electric vehicles are more efficient than the oil burning vehicles. They make less noise and are pollution free. But electric vehicles are not frequently used in day to day life.

1. One cannot use electric vehicles on the go. He/she has to stop for some time to charge the batter .
2. In Developing countries like India there is no 24-7 electricity in the rural areas .
3. The charging time is high.

1. Detachable Battery System: A detachable battery system should develop so that the batteries can be easily pull out when they are empty and charged battery can be easily inserted.

2. Battery Exchange Station: Battery exchange station is the place where one can easily exchange their empty battery with the charged one at a reasonable price.

1. One can use electric vehicle on the go 24-7.
2.Where there is no 24-7 electricity the battery exchange stations can provide assistance to the customers.
3. One can easily save the charging time.


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    Amrender Pratap
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    One of the most dangerous threats for human survival on earth is air pollution decaying of the ozone layer, astma many lung disease caused due to the air pollution.Use of the electric vehicle could be a solution for these problems but due to the lack of support from the manufactures and the government they are limited to a specific area .this is the reason i came up with this idea so that electric vehicles can be widely and frequently use by the customers.
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