Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience

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The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience demonstrates the potential benefits that next generation of Class 8 over the road truck powertrains can provide through leading edge aerodynamics, improved fuel economy, component electrification, and a fuel neutral capability.

Turbines have been evaluated in the past for their high efficiency at cruise, light weight, low maintenance, and not needing coolant. Off-peak efficiency was challenged, and thus efforts were tabled.

Hybrid Electric Trucks have been evaluated over the last couple years, but due to the size of the energy storage needed, were deemed not ready for primetime, as the industry waited for the price of lithium ion batteries to come down.

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience combines the best features of both into a Turbine Powered Range Extending Series Hybrid. The vehicle is basically an electric truck with a turbine powered generator, sized not to run the vehicle, but to constantly charge the batteries.

Scaleable to the duty-cycle need, if more engine off range is needed, the energy storage can be increased. If more cruise range is needed the generator can be enlarged.

Because the turbine doesnt need a radiator the nose of the vehicle can be drastically narrowed. By moving the driver into the center of the truck it too can be tapered for a 20% reduction in drag, which correlates to a 10% improvement in fuel economy.

Since the turbine engine doesnt have a front engine belt system, all the auxiliaries on the truck, including air conditioning, power steering, and air compressor are electrified similiar to cars today. By electrifying, the run only when needed, and at peak efficiency.

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