Next generation Power Station

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This project "Next generation Power Station" is about how we convert one energy form to another and use it for ourselves.

The basic idea of this is that we would use the energy being wasted when cars move on roads. This energy loss is very high especially on main highway roads in big cities which have traffic almost the whole day. Using this energy and utilizing it is the goal of the project.

Among the various means of transportation, highways cover the widest and in effect the greatest area of our precious landmass. In context of the present scenario, spaces required for energy generation are becoming scarce day by day, and yet paradoxically no substantial effort has been made to make use of the very spaces incorporated by the highways themselves. Make no mistake – solar panels have been laid beside roads, wind turbines have been installed in breezy areas; but the highways themselves continue to be the least utilized ones.

The way of doing this is simple. We install small movable pads on the road which oscillates when a car passes over it. This oscillatory motion of the pads is then amplified using gear mechanism. This optimised mechanical energy is then converted to electrical energy and stored.

The energy generated through this process is very high. The high amount of energy is then used to set up a power station which would charge the car batteries. As the next generation would be using battery cars on a large scale it is said to be the


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