AMPHI-BX : An Amphibious Two Wheeler

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Amphi-BX is a hub steered, fork-less amphibious two-wheeler which can run both
on land and water. At present there is no two wheeler compatible like this. The main
advantage of this bike is its compatibility. The front and rear wheel of this vehicle will flip when it changes its terrain from land to water in order to give more balance and buoyancy in water.

The Bajaj PULSAR-150 engine with maximum power of 15.06 HP was selected for serving our purpose. We are using the single cylinder petrol engine of a Bajaj Pulsar-150 as the power source. On the land, the vehicle is steered using a cable and hub steering. In water, the steering handle alone can steer the vehicle, but for getting the maximum turning radius in water we are using a rudder. Rudder can be easily operated by the driver by hand itself.

Power is transmitted from the engine directly to a 90 degree gear box through a chain drive. This power is then transmitted to the rear wheel and the propeller. As soon as vehicle enter into water, the power transmitted to rear wheel would cut off and the power is transmitted to the propeller which is attached to rear side of the vehicle, and that will drive the vehicle in water. Propeller consists of a forward thrust, neutral and reverse thrust. To make the vehicle balance in water we have used high density thermocol and designed such that the buoyancy is maintained.

We have made this vehicle within the economic limits, thus we have used the available and cheaper raw materials. In future, they can be replaced with more durable and strong materials. This vehicle has got many future scopes as it can be modified by using better parts for more efficient working on both land and water. Even-though the ground clearance is low it could be used for the purpose. Also the steering can be made better.

In water currently the speed is low, by using a much better engine the speed can be increased. Thus it could be used as a sports vehicle, which can run both in land and water. It can also be used as a vehicle for transportation. The people near the shores can avail these vehicles for better transportation purposes. It can be made an ambulance van or a rescue van during the time of flood calamities. It can also be made as a recreational vehicle or a tourist vehicle.

By using a hydraulic power pack for steering, the steering capability of Amphi- BX can be improvised. The use of a jet pump instead of propeller;makes it more efficient and simple to handle in water terrain. By using customized engine power the efficiency of the vehicle is improved. Modification can be done to current frame to improve the suspension system on land and the water terrains. Using of more hydro-foils to improve the stability and up-thrust during motion on water terrain is advisable.


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