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The project undertaken precisely aims at improving blind spot visibility. We basically concentrated our research on A- pillar of the car chassis over the driver side which tends to block away sizable vehicles, when one’s car reaches an intersection. Thus we came up with a solution of TRANSPARENT A- PILLARS using suitable material which may effectively enhance visibility issues thereby not compromising its function of providing support to the car frame as well.

The material we plan to implement for this task is Aluminium oxynitride (ALON), which shows excellent characteristic properties for this job. This concept will also lead to better design aesthetics so that a driver does not feel his connection to the surrounding being compromised as has been the ritual for past years. The material in use would be suitably fabricated via ceramic processes of forming it to the required component and then joining the piece using effective joining methods like brazing or soldering which produces excellent result in term of pressure bearing ability etc. The project also keeps in view the daily need of one’s driving experience, so as to minimize the cause of blind spot as a reason for road accidents.

This material is thermally resistant, hard, Blastproof and it has also good resilience property. This material is good for making this transparent pillar because of its intense flexural strength. Most important property of this material is that this material is fully transparent.

This totally the transparent pillar through which the driver can efficiently see the turns around him can easily maintain his safety.

Till date only some manufacturers tried to take the forward leap but failed due to some or the other issues.

Volvo tried out its superior vision concept by throwing in partially transparent A- pillars, which considerably reduced blind-spot points but never made it to production phases. Moreover it did not completely eradicate the blind spot problem; it just tried to reduce it.

On the other hand our project aims at complete transparency of the pillar with use of ALON instead of glass thereby eradicating blind- spots due to the pillar completely. Volvo has used the sectioned triangular pillar which were transparent but had metal in between so this concept was not removing the blind spots completely.

It will be Manufactured by Surmeet corporation and the process of joining it to the vehicle will be done by Coorstek corporation who are experts in vacuum bonding and will help in improving the strength of the joint so the strength is more than a normal vehicle’s pillar strength to also improve the safety in case of an accident.

1. No more Blind spots due to front pillars,

2. Improved safety in case of a Collision due to Improved strength of Aluminium Oxynitride.


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