Advance Braking System

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Vehicles on road are driven by the power delivered by the engine, which intern is limited by the Road Loads acting over the vehicle under driven state. Most common Loads are Aerodynamic and Rolling resistance.

By using the same concept for braking we can also improve the active safety systems in a vehicle.

It basically aims at increasing the Road Loads on a vehicle by reducing the tire inflation pressure and hence assisting in stopping the vehicle.

For this system, we will require to slightly modify the current types of tires and brakes used in automobile.

Most promising would be the use of SI tires used in combination with the brake peddle pressure sensor.

A peddle pressure sensor would sense pressure intensity over the brake peddle applied by the driver and will send that info.. to the tire pressure sensors.The tire pressure sensor will then with what % the tire pressure is needed to be deflated.

Deflated tire tends to have higher rolling resistance value, also with increased ares it has higher grip.

So, if brakes are applied under high intensity condition the tires will be deflated to their calibrated value and vehicle will tend to stop quicker than it actually will without this system.

Using the same with ABS with greatly add to its effectiveness value.


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