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Today, millions of people all around the world suffer from air pollution, traffic congestion, unsafe traffic conditions, noise…while our entire planet is under threat as the result of climate change. So cycling becomes an essential part of the solution to these major problems. There are a hundred reasons to choose pedelec: they have little parking space, comfortable, cheap, clean, green and definitely faster than a car in crowded town and health enhancing, etc.

I have my first electric bike concept for over a year, it is called E-Wheel (abbreviation of Integrated Electric Wheel). E-Wheel can be fixed to a conventional or folding bicycle and you will have ‘the new electric bike.’ I think my concept is unique, and it will give the rider a new experience when they pedal.

E-Wheel is the new cutting edge of pedal electric cycle (pedelec). It is not only unique and eco-friendly but also very lightweight. E-Wheel is integrated ALL IN ONE: includes 200W electric motor, 36V - 8.9Ah – 320Wh lithium-ion battery, electrics drive and so on. E-Wheel can run up to 60km on one full charged and the maximum speed is 25 km/h. E-Wheel has the wireless technology for remote control and battery charge. You can control E-wheel by your mobile phone (or control console).

E-Wheel are suited for a wide variety of people who are not able or not willing to ride a conventional bicycle or who simply need faster transportation, most efficient means of transport in town.

When you ride a bike with E-Wheel you must pedal. The system will only assist you (but you can choose assistance level). It cannot go by itself without force from rider. If you are a couch potato, it can help you become positive.

Lithium-ion battery cell is very sensitive. Thermal is the most important when designing a motor. Motor and battery cell always becomes hotter during operation and charged. So, the material of batteries pack must be selected seriously. The material properties will affect my design. It must have durable, high thermal conductivities, and able to absorb the shock when the wheel rotates. On the other hand, for more eco-friendly, the material is non-toxic and less carbon dioxide emission. All of the other materials and components meet the RoHS compliance.

• Maximum range based on one battery full charge, using 150% assistance mode, according to use in ideal conditions.
• Distance will vary depending on road conditions, riding surface, cyclist’s weight and required assistance.
• System does not include disc brake rotor and freewheel (which available in single, 5 and up to 6 speeds).
• All electric component (electric drive, hall sensor, torque sensor and wire cable) are neglected just for simplifying all level of detail.
• E-Wheel comes in different sizes 26” or 700C wheel rim.


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