Aerostatic Suspension System

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The Aerostatic Suspension System is a mechanical contraption that achieves flotation in air of a vehicle and its load by means of a number of cylinder and piston sets (one per wheel). The pistons possess seals that impede the entrance of air as the piston moves within the cylinder. This creates a vacuum and also a couple of forces of opposing sense, which are responsible for the flotation. To complete the mechanism, an adjustable leverage device allows the adaptation of the suspension capacity to the actual load.

The main characteristic of the system is its low transmission of forces from wheels to vehicle, which translates into a perfect suspension comparable in quality to the cushion of air and magnetic levitation. The comparison does not hold for energy needs: while these two afore-mentioned systems require huge amounts of power, the Aerostatic Suspension System works without any energy requirement. And on top of it, it works the same whether the vehicle is at rest or in movement. The system is characterized by the absence of springs, dampers, rubber mountings, etc. , that constitute a waste of energy (which is transformed irreversibly into heat). In addition to this, the wheels do not have to have inner tubes (this reduces losses related to the rolling coefficient).

In fact, this system opens up a new way of conceiving transportation systems: air navigation without wings. It is a well known fact that shipping is the cheapest means of transport. The Aerostatic Suspension System is even more economical if we take into account the difference between the drag coefficient of water and that of air.
We have built a prototype which has been the object of study by the GEMA (Faculty of Engineering, National University of La Plata, Argentina). All the tests carried out by said group were successful and proved every aspect of our theoretical model.



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