Vehicle monitoring/feedback system via Smart Bumps

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Basic Concept:

* A network of devices that tracks the position/speed of vehicles on roadways and provides feedback to vehicles about other traffic conditions as well as environmental (Ice) conditions of roadway. Allows real-time position and speed control of vehicles via feedback for vehicles equipped with receivers.

The devices would replaces the current inter-lane marking bumps "Botts’ Dots" with Smart Bumps.

The devices will use GPS and local RFID to transmit lane position, speed information, and environmental conditions to vehicles equipped with receivers. The network of Smart Bumps will communicate with each other and set up a virtual grid for precise lane position on roadways.

The devices will transmit traffic data to local agencies for traffic monitoring.

The devices will be charged via magnetic resonance (autos driving by/over them) along with a solar chip mounted to the upper surface.

Data collected on vehicles by the Smart Bumps sent to Relay Transmitters at the edge of the roadways where it is then rebroadcast to central data centers via cellular signals.


* Allows for vehicles to be controlled via feedback: Both position and speed
* Allows road conditions to be monitored in real-time (Both Traffic and Environmental)
* Allows for a Smart Roadway Grid in real-time


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