Doublechair & Doubleseat MicrHotel

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Relaxing and comfortable double-seat in which travelers
can spend the brief or long waits of today’s airport mobility. A ready-to-use and cost effective device that can convert into a sleeping seat while safekeeping bulky baggage.

Easy-going and cost-free double-chair to spend short urban waits without being afraid to take a nap and having
one's luggage stolen: in underground, university, hospital, railway station, etc. perfect for where the luggage is small and must be stored away.

Patent description: A double seat that keeps baggage safe. French Patent 2Nov2012, number 0511230, n. publication 2892906, converted in European Pantent PCT 06831063.0-1653, ref.8F945cas1, 10Jan2014. The invention consists of a seat made of two shells which can be overlapped or set side by side (juxtaposed) and which are connected by a rotation joint. The shells are designed in such a way as to enable the formation of a seat when they are overlapped, or a chaise-longue when they are juxtaposed, providing a closed space below that shields baggage, small belongings and other objects. Patented.

!The increase in demand for holiday and business travel and the globalization of the labor market translates into a constant increase in air traffic worldwide. Of all the fields related to mobility, air transportation has recorded the highest growth rates. The number of passengers who choose low cost flights has been rising steadily for
over a decade and airlines are continuously engaged in expanding their fleets. Flying has become a habit. !To meet the growing demand, airlines are using increasingly wider time spans, which equates to later flights in the evening and earlier flights in the morning. However, the connections to and from the airport often do not
match up with these flight schedules. If one considers the connection time between two flights in addition to the added delay due to strikes, technical reasons or weather conditions, it becomes necessary to find a way to spend the short or long wait at the airport. In almost all major low cost airports between 20 and 70 people spend the night in standard waiting seats, the same kind of equipment placed in most common waiting areas. Such sleeping areas are established every night in many low-cost airports. Concerned about leaving their baggage unguarded whilst trying to take a nap, travelers are forced to tie them to themselves or try to sleep over them. This is the Low Cost Generation (ref. Courrier International n°798) who prefer to travel in extreme conditions, rather than not travel.

The same patent protects the double-seat basic concept in all possible scales and in each possible shapes. For waits in the underground, or at the university, railway station, hospital, meeting center, etc., where luggage is generally not bulky, as handbags, parcels, and smaller luggage. In these contexts, the double-chair can have a
standard size similar to that of an average chair. The patent protects the basic idea «double-chair» in all kind of shapes and all sort of sizes: each context has its needs and a double-chair to solve them.



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