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In modern society, the choices of transportation have drastically changed. Sky train is becoming the most popular means of transportation. Therefore, our team came up with an idea to modify a shape of sky train as same as an airfoil by creating a lift-force to reduce the load when running at high speed.

As we know that the cost of sky train construction is extremely high, therefore, we've got a new idea to reduce the construction expenses by decreasing the size of pillar-base to be smaller than before. That means we will reduce the cost of steel, concrete and the number of pillars base as well. With the lift force, the pillars don't take a load too much and it also spends less time for construction.

In developing countries, budget is very important and needs to be used effectively in order to ensure that money is not waste on unessential items. As a result, we can make use of our budget to do other things for the country. Thus, our project can help to develop the national transportation and reduce the budget for construction at the same time. (Moreover, it's Eco-friendly, safe and doesn't do any harm to nature.)

Our project details are as follows :
- We will use the airfoil NACA6412 and S1210 as a shape of sky train (with 26 meters length ,3 meters width and 3 meters height)
- We use Lift Coefficients of NACA6412 and S1210 to calculate the lift force and get a result approximately 14 tons by using speed at 250 Kilometres/hour. This speed is the same level of Shinkansen so that we apply "The Maglev system" to describe how the lift force can decrease a lot of load.


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    Sirapob Catteeyothai
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    Mr.Sirapob Catteeyothai
    Mr.Nateekan Jareonsook
    Mr.Jitpanu Chaimongkhon
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    My inspiration to do this project occurred when I saw MRT(Metro in Bangkok) spent high budget and took long time to finish its construction. Then I tried to find out any possible ideas by using my knowledge (from Kasetsart University ) to launch out this project in order to solve the problems
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