DSS Technology

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Dual Suspension System Technology (DSS Technology)

Current vehicle suspension design divides into two groups:

1. Solid Axle Suspensions
2. Independent Suspensions

Both of which still face stability and mobility difficulties that are masked by various electronic stability control systems. Limited articulation, directional stability, unsprung weight penalties, excessive vibration and towing limitations are just a few examples.

The thing is, one group's benefits actually answer the other's problems and vise versa.

The DSS Technology selectively provides solid axle suspension and independent suspension for an automobile which has the advantages of the two and a manner of switching between them at will

According to the terrain (on-road, off-road, rock-crawling), a driver can switch from solid axle suspension mode to independent suspension mode in the same manner that you would switch from four wheel drive to two wheel drive with a switch on dashboard. The system can also be automatically operated by the vehicle's computer.

The DSS Technology simply doubles the mobile capability of any vehicle and is scaleable and adaptable to any vehicle type or size. Furthermore, vehicle safety will increase due to the enhanced stability and articulation (In 2011, more than a third of all automotive fatalities in the U.S resulted from rollovers).

Single mode suspensions require electronic limiters which essentially use the brakes and reduce engine torque to compensate for mobility limitations. The DSS technology actually improves mobility without holding back the vehicle's full potential. The DSS technology was recently patented (U.S patent 8480106)

Applicable markets include SUV's, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, military vehicles, off-road accessories, minivans, and various sedans. The market is mainly automotive.

The DSS technology makes use of components already present in any vehicle with the addition of a few locks and actuators to enable the switch operation. A full description can be found in the patent document listed above.

DSS Technology manufacturing uses standard tooling and is inline with normal suspension production costs. Since the suspension doubles a vehicle's off-road capabilities, less vehicles will need to be procured to perform both off-road and on- road tasks. Depending on the vehicle, the suspension modification should not exceed an additional 0 to 3% price increase to a vehicle

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