Automatic Crane Truck Safety Device

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The security device for crane trucks is an idea that comes from the large number of accidents that occur by lifting loads exes in which crane trucks lost stability and roll over. These accidents often leave significant injury or death of workers, in addition to the economic losses for property damage and incalculable big problem with demands.

Although all cranes have security tables and clear rules for safe operation, there is a high probability of human error.

Our device is a lifesaver when the crane loses its stability and an accident is imminent. It is a device of easy adaptation to different cranes truck. The device is attached to the outriggers, is armed when the crane is operational and is activated when any of the outriggers separate from the floor. At this point is possible to hold the crane with an anchor that is fired to the floor.

The device consists of a tube containing an anchor that is fired to the ground by the action of a high power explosion. This anchor hold the crane by a high tensile strength cable and allows time for the operator to release the load or adjusted to avoid the roll over of the crane truck. In order to fix the anchor to the ground a secondary explosion inside release 4 steel shaft that prevent the anchor to leave the ground

The device can be replaced easily after the usage in the incident. and is a low cost compared with the high cost of an accident.


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