A procedure of Extracting wind power using law of wind's blank fill-up

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We know and see that any running car while leave any place, the wind goes toward the leaving place from all sides. By this method we can produce wind power from a train by rotate turbine up to 6 m.w. by carring only 8-10 M.T. (approx with wind power store room which is installed at the end of cast bogie of train) extra weight.

Two metal sheet wall of 12-15ft. length each is installed at the two side of the end of the wind power store room keeping distance of 2-3ft from back wall. The roof of these wall is covered and side wall is connected with bogey of train by angle type or beam type iron. Turbine to extract wind power is installed at the back wall’s bottom structure, keeping distance of 6-8ft. The entrance of wind from back is narrow, so that the speed of wind toward train (turbine) is increase and well organized. Thus the wind run to ward the train’s back and rotates the turbine blade (i.e. – turbine). As this wind come form back toward train’s ran way it doesn’t barriers to speed of train and only the weight of unit and pressure to rotate turbine is carried by train.

In this process it process it produce more move power than it’s energy expenses yet it doesn’t disobey the “law of conservation of energy” because here wind energy is converted to electrical energy.


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