Brake Line Pressure Controller (BLPC)

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The project presents a offcenter device & combination of unique technology in order to intensify passenger safety while braking in a vehicle, proposing a brake line pressure controller to assess pressure in brake line and manipulate in accordance with demand of braking. Vehicle design embodies performance and safety so the brakes needs to be reliable and avoid any loose braking which makes it obligatory to maintain brake line at constant pressure. Reduced pressure or imprudent pressure are root to brake failiure, bleeding is one panacea.

Consequently BLPC is technology operated by ECU (electronic control unit) hence precised. Where pressure sensor is incharge of examing the pressure flow in brake line and submitting to ECU from where it sway transducer to open valve and release excessive pressure or air bubble resultig in low pressure .

The location of pressure sensor and transducer is foremost; accordingly positioning pressure sensor bypassing brake line at start of amster cylinder, and transducer at the bleeding valve of calliper. The pressure of brake line can be emloyed as per requirement of braking action, the callibration to pressure sensor reading ad that to functioning of transducer may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The callibration can be set though ECU ,and some easy calculations of line pressure.

Introduction of BLPC to new genration vehicle would dispense a enhanced driving safety and also improved braking performance.


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