Multiple Mode Control System For a Vehicle

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The present invention relates to an engine control system for enhanced fuel economy and vehicle performance. More particularly the present invention relates to a system to enable multiple operating modes through Engine Control Unit of a vehicle for effective fuel economy and vehicle performance based on / as a function of a vehicle for diverse load and/or drivability and/or other road conditions.

Fuel economy of vehicles has been a thrust area of research in the global auto industry due to the depleting resources and rising fuel costs. It has been observed that drivers of vehicles use higher power than necessary under the road conditions and traffic. On the other hand it is desirable to drive vehicles based on automatically optimised fuel consumption related parameters appropriate to the road, load and environmental conditions to achieve enhanced fuel economy and vehicle performance.

There remains an unmet need to provide modes selected switching control for vehicle that is capable of optimizing the operating conditions based on load and gradient sensed inputs to the vehicle for the best mode of operation that would result in enhanced fuel economy and vehicle performance.

The challenge therefore lies in providing a comprehensive system involving the engine and vehicle power-train configuration that would be valid for multiple applications [e.g. high power applications, load applications, one side empty applications, under-load applications, better turnaround time applications, and their combinations depended on market demand] with best fuel economy and drivability performance.

This innovation surves the purpose of better fuel economy and Driveability for vehicles in all kind of applications


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