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The world is now developing rapidly with intensive road construction. However, with the rapid development of road infrastructure, the accident numbers are supposed to be greatly reduced due to enhanced technology but to no avail. The accident rate keeps increasing when there is a demand for development. The needs for road user to use vehicle for means of transportation has vastly changed the entire planning since 20 to 30 years ago. Now, in the modern world, every teenager and adult human owns at least a vehicle and the amount of vehicles has greatly increased. Despite that, the development of new road linkage and networks merely create confusion to road users. The improperly driven vehicle, disobeying rules and regulation could create serious problem to the drivers.

Introducing the new SENSODRIVE technology as road enhancement which provides extensive road safety features to all road users. Having said the term ‘’SENSO’’ which utilizing sensors on roads to provide safety and the term ‘’DRIVE’’ which provides a comfortable driving experience to road users will help the mitigate road accidents thus saving human lives. The sensors will be placed on the road at each lanes similar to retroreflective lights to actually provide many functions and adjustments towards the vehicle and the driver. Some of the features of SENSODRIVE technology are aligning the vehicle into the track/lane, controlling vehicle speed, incorporates vehicle turning angles and checking inflation of tyres.

The SENSODrive will sense the tyres of the vehicles from many dimensions. This Sensodrive will directly give immediate warning to the drivers in case problems are detected. This warning will be triggered through device which is located in car. The sensors will actually make sure the car is running according to the specified direction and alignment, not driving to close to another lane, being more friendly in term on controlling speed from rotation of tyres and providing a better turning movement of vehicles without maneuvering into adjacent lane apart from checking the tyre characteristics of the vehicle.

A special lane for comfort driving can be adopted for the purpose of auto-cruising whereby the vehicle communicates with the sensor instructing the sensors to take control of the car to maneuver accordingly without the help of driver. This special lane offers a smooth flow of vehicles usually on highways for a long journey without much changing lanes activities. Accidents can be reduced greatly with the implementation SENSOdrive which provide technology for long term effect whilst saving human life.

This product will absolutely be cost effective since sensors are widely used and available in market at a cheaper cost. It can be customized manufactured at specialized road engineering firm using lasting materials as protective for the sensors and the sensor itself to sustain all weather and conditions. This product is targeted to the government and the local authority. Once this product is invented, the government and local authority would choose to use this product as countermeasures for the benefit of reducing accident rates in the country thus reducing post-accident cost incurred due to accidents.


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