Air train

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Air train
Air train is a very advanced version of a maglev Train. As we all know, maglev elevated train is one of the fastest trains in the world.

Air Train is the flying train in air which lead to run without need ground touch. When you board at one ground elevated station, the train is running in between wires which passes high electricity. Underneath the train we impart high strength magnet. As from electromagnetic concept as magnet move towards lower wire, resulting wire coil generate a magnetic field which repel the magnet movement, while upper coil tries to attract the magnet. These effects leads to suspension of complete train in between these wires and electric propulsion leads to increase the speed of train up to maximum propulsion. The aerodynamic shape helps us to create lowest drag. The use of superconducting material in a complete closed circular cave may lead to generate higher speed in the propulsion.

The effect of Air Train:-
1. For travelling one country, continent to other in low time.
2. It can be used for our SPACE travel concept form ground to international space station.
3. It small scale it can be used in train travel in mountain region & others.
4. A lot of advance possibilities in future.

No metallic material allowed to board on train. Also mobile or other network available there.
So Air Train is the future of our high speed technological development.

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