Multi Nut Remover for Automobiles

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Multi nut remover is a kit invented to reduce the effort and time in replacing the wheels of the vehicle. The plurality of lug nuts can be removed at one time without the usage of an electric motor or any hydraulic and pneumatic devices. The planetary shafts are arranged exactly in the pitch circle position of the lug nuts. This method can be used to remove any number of lug nuts but the design of gear varies according to the certain parameters like number of lug nuts, pitch circle diameter.

The torque wrench or spanners are the instrument, which are widely used to remove the nuts from the bolts.  Torque wrench helps in setting torque required. The nut remover is most widely used in automobile area.  Removing a wheel and replacing with other one requires wrench or spanner. This spanner can be used to remove or tighten the nuts from bolts of the wheel. But this spanner can remove only one nut at a time. In case of emergency like puncture of ambulance tyre, it will be time consuming to remove nuts one by one. In those cases, Multi Nut Remover will be more useful. The torque, which is needed to apply to remove one nut, can be used to remove all nuts using Gear arrangement. This will reduce time consumed in replacing the wheel.

This invention reduces the time consumed in removing the lug nuts. In conventional method, certain torque has to be applied to remove a single lug nut. In this invention, the torque applied for removing/tightening of one lug nut is adequate for removing/tightening of all the lug nuts in the wheel. So the process of replacement of the wheels can be done so faster and it reduces the time. This device can be operated manually and no external power is consumed. It doesn't cost more as compared to hydraulic and pneumatic devices. In this mechanism, a sun and planet gear system is used. Sun gear is smallest gear and planetary gears are placed exactly in the position of the lug nuts in the pitch circle diameter according to the number of lug nuts. Pitch circle diameter is the diameter of the circle in which lug nuts are positioned.



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    Sree Ram Raj Rajasekaran
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    Every designer should satisfy himself before he could satisfy. This design will be helpful in reducing the time to change or replace the wheel. also, with less torque reqd will be helpful for the women & disabled.
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