diesel electric hybrid

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BDCOTSRUS, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) corporation. We want to promote a design for personal transportation that is safe, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and cost effective. We believe that a car that achieves one-hundred miles per-gallon does not need to be prototypical because the technology is currently available. Towards that end, we use off-the–shelf components that are currently available in the market. We converted an existing compact car to meet the fuel efficiency requirements while not re-inventing the production process.

We have produced a prototype vehicle and demonstrated its ability to perform as an electric car. The drive and generator system has been integrated under the hood with the battery system integrated under the vehicle.

About the BDCOTSRUS vehicle:
The BD1 is a 1995 Saturn with 186,000 miles. The car has been converted to a diesel electric hybrid. The vehicle will operate in an electric only mode as we demonstrated on the runway, the on-board generator will allow the car to operate at highway speeds as long as there is bio-diesel fuel in the tank. The vehicle is also capable of providing back up power to a home or small building if the need arises. We charge anywhere anytime, but if a plug is available, why not use it.

Multi fuel capable, as with any generator, multiple fuels can be utilized with the selection of a multiple fuel capable engine, this system lends itself to be very useful in providing off-grid power such as in a construction site using a pickup truck or SUV as a base vehicle, or to be used as backup power when the grid power has been damaged due to mother nature.



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