FasTran's Triad Support and Defined Center of Gravity

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FasTran’s Magic: The cabin offers 2 aisles for direct entry/exit to a wide comfort seat. 36 seats strategically located within the cabin offer spectacular views while the vehicle travels safely, high above the city's traffic at 55mph. Indirect lighting bathes the cabin. Emergency egress is from the left side onto a nonslip walkway, with emergency handholds and enclosed steps for egress to a walkway between twin guideways. Urban’s total cabin capacity is 72.

  • unparalleled "value/price point",
  • system location flexibility that requires only 3' x 3' land footprint every 100' for support column placement.
  • public Right-of-Way (ROW) location - Near zero land costs for taxpayers.
  • guideways built with fast modular construction in controlled environment
  • guidways trucked down freeways during low drive...lower cost -faster constrution
  • overall system quality - widebodied comfort - quiet operations - safety that exceeds expectations

The market is on our side, growing rapidly and openly seeking new transportation answers.


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