Dual function speed breaker

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The current traffic regulation uses only time as a criterion. It is not on par with the current technological developments which are being implemented in all the fields by the government. The current developments on technologies which use speed breakers for mechanical energy to electrical energy conversion have also been considered and a better development is proposed. This is because the already existing technologies are not as efficient as they could be.

The Idea:
The current speedbreaker technology employs either the spring technology or piezoelectric material to convert the mechanical power to electrical energy. Our technology uses both these concepts. The spring is used for the concentration of the power and the piezoelectric uses MEMS technology to efficiently convert the applied force to electrical energy. The speedbreaker uses a special material which transfers most of the mechanical energy directly to the spring.

A current project exists using piezoelectric material for a stretch of roadway. But since the vehicles continuously move the entire load cannot be converted to energy. At 70-80kmph speed the entire load does not act on the  material. However,since the entire load of the vehicle act on the speed breakers our method is more efficient.

Also we imbibe the speed breakers with IR sensors to detect the number of vehicles passing through. Current technology uses IR sensors(on the road sides) but does not use it effectively since it has the major disadvantage in that it cannot detect multiple cars passing simultaneously, parallel to each other. Our technology uses the IR sensors in a vertical position and so multiple vehicles passing through can also be detected and thereby regulating traffic using traffic density rather than the time.

1.) Traffic regulation using traffic density rather than time.
2.) Full mechanical load is converted to power.
3.) Exact traffic density calculation eliminating current shortcomings.
4.) Cost reduces when compared to laying the material for the entire stretch of roadway.

The Technology:
The 2-in-1 speed breaker uses the following components-
(1) Piezoelectric pressure transducer
(2) Spring
(3) IR sensor

The transducer is a 25x5x0.3mm material. A common speed breaker is about 180x25cm which can accommodate approximately 3600 such transducers. Each can withstand a maximum of 100 kg each and since the spring distributes the weight we can easily accept any load on the speed breaker.

The speed breaker uses special compressive material which concentrates the load on the spring. It reduces the cost when compared to the current existing technology and implements both the ENERGY generation and the TRAFFIC signal control at the same time overcoming the disadvantages in both the areas. It is therefore a very effective and efficient method.

1.) Can be used to power small components like street lights or traffic lights.
2.) Can be used to power system like houses or toll booths.
3.) Control the traffic signal to eliminate the congestion of traffic during peak hours.


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