Gladiator Cargo Safety Nets

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Developed to prevent crashes, injures, fatalities and economic losses associated with unsecured loads. According to NHTSA 51,000 crashes with 10,000 injuries and 440 known fatalities happen in 2010. Currently GOA is collecting data on the problem unsecured loads have on traffic accidents, injuries, fatalities and economic impact that effects everyone on the road and taxpayers.

The Gladiator Cargo Nets are widely used by government, commercial fleets and everyday haulers, where safety is a priority. Constructed using combination webbing and heavy-duty mesh fabric gives the Gladiator Cargo Net the advantage over any other cargo net on the market. Rugged yet flexible with 60 to 180 grommet's to anchor the net to your vehicle, it comes in sizes to fit any vehicle from ATV to 18-foot truck or trailer bed.

The Gladiator Cargo Nets are independently tested to secure loads up to 2,250 lbs. we use cranes to static test our cargo securement products and all components are stamped with their individual tested rating. All testing reports are engineer certified and stamped with the State of California Seal. Reports are available upon request.

The Gladiator Cargo Nets have been certified by the BSI Group of Australia with ANS/NZS 4380.2001 Standard. The standard is developed for motor vehicle cargo restraint systems, transport webbing and components. All cargo nets and strap attachments have standard certification and product number visible with labeling. Standard documentation available upon request.

The Gladiator Cargo Nets are patented and represent my flagship product, I have a medium-duty and light-duty securement systems in addition to various attachment combinations available to suit customers needs. I take great pride in the development of my cargo securement systems that help keep our roads safer and cleaner by reducing road litter and dangerous debris.


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    I worked in the field of geology and always driving with personal gear in my open-bed truck and needed something to secure my equipment. In addition I witnessed the untimely death of a woman trying to retrieve her fallen cargo, she was hit by a passing car and from that point going forward I've dedicated my work in trying to keep our highways safe by encouraging haulers to secure their loads to protect others on the road and to preserve our environment.
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