Assembly of Tire Nuts Removal

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One of the problems with vehicles is tire problem. If the vehicle has some problem then the user must remove the tire and fix the problem. And for a car user, it is difficult to remove tire and nuts especially for female users. The obstacles are time wasted and force needed. There is no tool that is easy to use to remove the nuts. The time to loosen or tighten car nuts is too long and wastes energy.

This tool has been designed to remove and tighten four nuts of the tire at a time with less effort. The tire nuts have been designed with 100mm pitch circle diameter (pcd) for this project. This tool can open and tighten four nuts at one time and the force utilization has been reduced. It works on gear system. This tool is easy to use for man or woman. We didn't make tire nuts stand for standing.


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    Kamlesh Gadewal
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    we were watching tyre nuts problem in the cars .then we had decided . we will solve this problem.
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