Alternator Recharger

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The Alternator Recharger is a concept derived from the current working of the turbocharger.

The high amount of exhaust gases coming out of IC Engine are fed out of engine without any use.Today turbocharging is the method which uses these exhaust gases in some vehicles but not all.

We here present this concept of alternator Recharger in which a battery is charged using an alternators which runs from exhaust pressure.The convectional alternator uses engine power for their working,but in our case the alternator is removed from engine and fixed to a turbine which is fixed at exhaust outlet.

The battery recharged can be used for various electrical and electronic equipment in a vehicle. This technology can also be used in hybrid electric vehicle. The aim of this concept is to achieve better fuel economy and extra power. Without making much alteration in working of current automobiles ,we want to make them more efficient.

Our team's goal is to produce a Kit which can be available as ready to install in the market.


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