Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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The Problem:

Low air pressure tires skid and hydroplane more easily. This greatly consumes more fuel and reduces tire life. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS is a system to monitor the air pressure inside the automobiles tires. TPMS alerts to dangerous low-pressure or under inflated tire conditions with both a visual and an audible alert. The existing TPMS systems are based on either pressure sensor or speed senor and uses very complex algorithms and technology. Obviously, the costs of such systems are not reasonable in particular.

The Proposed System- ATPMS:

Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (ATPMS) uses the concept of proximity distance sensors. The sensor monitors the distance between the sensor to ground or ground clearance level, while vehicle moving or parked. Based on Kerb weight and full load weight, we can calibrate the ground clearance level. So that any deviations from this distance value, alerts the driver. Under inflation alert is given only after a three-four seconds of confirmation delay time, during which the tire state is constantly monitored.

Fig (a) shows the diagram of how to install the system in an automobile.
Fig (b) shows how to mount the sensor in wheel hub stem.
Fig(c) shows the Hardware in the Loop Simulation (HILS) of ATPMS using LabVIEW.

Product Advantages:

> Since the sensors and other controlling units are mounted outside the tires, System installation and maintenance jobs are easier
> Driver side display and sound alert system
> Able to detect multiple leakages at one time
> Driving pattern recognition and rash driving alert
> Fault alert avoidance- due to humps, gutters or other rough terrains etc.
> Prognostics of tire health based on rate of distance variations and time
> Pre-programmed output unit supplied in sleep mode to preserve battery life
> Suitable for tubeless, run-flat etc
> Immune to temperature variations
> Much more precise than conventional indirect systems


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