Design of an Dual driven Auto Rickshaw for physically Challenged Persons

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Summary of the project:
This project is initiated to facilitate the physically challenged persons by both hands and legs. They can ride this vehicle and earn money which will be helpful for their survival. The vehicle is a three wheeler because three wheeler requires less effort for steering when compared to four wheeler. The chassis is designed such that it satisfies all the requirements.The main component of the vehicle is the steering which is achieved by combining the hand and leg steering system by chain sprocket mechanism. The engine is mounted at the rear part of the vehicle by means of a stand which is fixed to chassis by means of bush so that suspension works efficiently. The engine is present below the passenger seats and there is sufficient distance and insulation in order to avoid damage to passengers. The drive shaft is manufactured and is connected to engine output by means of chain sprocket system. The rear part possess dual suspension while front is mono suspension.One end of the rear suspension is mounted on the chassis and the other to the drive shaft. The braking is obtained from brake shoes mounted at the ends of the drive shaft.

(i)Innovative use of a scientific theory:
The conventional sprocket chain arrangement in bicycles will be aligned vertically and aids in the movement of the bicycle but it is aligned horizontally in our project and aids in steering for physically challenged persons by both hands and legs.

(ii)Innovative use of technology:
To facilitate acceleration of the vehicle for the physically challenged persons by both hands and legs individually the two in one carburetor to oil sump cable is installed which is utilized in auto rickshaw.

(iii)Major design component in the project:
The steering system is the main design component of the project. It consists of two subsystems.
* Hand steering system
* Leg steering system

* Hand steering system:

It consists of a fork system of an auto rickshaw. The fork is mounted at a certain inclination. A sprocket is attached to it at an inclination by means of bolts and nuts. The fork has an axle at its bottom to which the tire is connected.

* Leg steering system:
The leg steering system consists of a steering rod which is pivoted at the center. At the center a sprocket is fixed. The steering rod is capable of making angular motion with the help of the bearing at the pivoted point.
Both the sprockets are connected by means of chain.

(iv)Other attributes of the project:
The acceleration in hand steering system as well as in leg steering system is brought up by accelerator handle. The braking in hand steering system is brought up by the brake lever. The braking in leg steering system is brought up by the brake pedal. The brake cable from hand steering system is connected to the flat plate present inside the brake pedal. When this pedal is applied brake acts and vehicle stops.


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