Super Foot

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Basic Idea

It is the idea of creating wirelessly controllable motorized boots for the physically challenged (leg) that can be used with ease and can be worn throughout the day without any discomfort over any kind of shoes of almost all sizes or over prosthetic legs. With which they can move around by standing to their height and can sit on chairs, sofas as we do with no or less help of others.

Working and Implementation

The SUPERFOOT aid consists of a pair of lightweight wearable boots, motorized wheels, a battery pack, a back strap for support and a compact motorised unit. The motion and the direction of the wheels can be controlled by the use of a wireless handheld remote.

On operating the trigger in the remote forward, the analog signals are outputted and sent to MicroController where gets converted to Digital Signals (Binary Code). This is sent to the Radio Transmitter Board which gets converted to a frequency Signal (Frequency Code) in the transmitter.

Since transmitter and receiver operate at the optimum frequency and attains Resonance Condition. The receiver converts the frequency code into binary code and sent to the MicroController programmed to operate the Motor Driver according to the Signal.

The Motor Driver Controls the motor with the power from the Battery.

The Receiver Circuit, Motor Driver, Motor, Battery are made to accommodate inside the boot and wheels projecting out.

Working on the future prototype design that can hold till the hip and will be comfortable enough to sit as the support at the back tend to move to form a chair shape with a little tweak and that to is operatable with a hand held remote. This helps them to rest even while moving when needed

Social Impacts

* Will help the physically challenged to move around with no or little restriction for the space that is usual for common persons.
* Can make them move in a life size stature and reach out more objects like common beings as they are able to stand on with the feet.
* Old People, who are weak to walk, can also make use of this boot to reach out more.
* Can be used in Emergency situations/ for leisure with a little tune up.
* To move around in hospitals for doctors, nurses etc.,


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    Arul Frances
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    To think and develop an idea to a working model that can serve the Physically Challenged as more than a aid and comforts them to feel as a normal human being.
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    Solidworks 2009
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