"Glicopter" is always watching your car

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Many kinds of multicopters have been developed recently. One of the most interesting ways of use is photography from the air. It must be useful that if it were possible that taking pictures of a car from the air by a multicopter. Because it is able to record not only the running car but also surrounding cars.

The problem is that multicopters are not able to fly as fast as cars. To solve it, the gliding function is added. This combined glider and muticopter plane, named "glicopter," is able to fly by itself with its rotors as a muticopter when the car running slow or stopping, and glide with traction through a wire tying between the car and the plane when the car is running fast.

Glicopter consists of controller, rotors and wings. The controller operates rotors in mulicopter mode, and operates elevons in glider mode. The controller is able to switch those mode automatically. Glicopter has no batteries, is provided electricity from the car by power line equipped on the tying wire.

It is good idea that not only recording running car but also investigating behind a wall at a intersection to inform the driver if there is a car or not. In this case, the glicopter locates ahead of the car. This will be prevent many traffic accidents.

Glicopter is able to use for pedestrians to record walking. Glicopter is also suitable for autonomous cars. Because it helps to get more informations around the car.


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