Folding Dirt Bike

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The ‘RHAT Bike’ is the world's first folding, reconfigurable and lightest full size motorcycle system in history. In the 1900's motorcycle were glorified bicycles but when the two camps split, bicycles became stronger and motorcycles became heavier. For the past 100 years this has left an unexplored middle ground, my idea states the most versatile motorcycle is actually a heavy duty bicycle and the best all-purpose bicycle is a light duty motorcycle!

This bike is actually 3 groundbreaking patients in one of the world’s lightest Dirt Bike that Folds, the first Quick Quad Conversion Kit for the bike and the Reconfigurable Rescue Sidecar with 8 victim carry configurations. Using performance bicycle parts on dirt bike geometry makes this bike revolution possible and received a first time patient approval in only ten and a half months.

This Folding Bike system starts with a detachable engine skid plate and attaching points.
1st Option is a gear pack with hub gear making it a super peddling downhill bicycle,
2nd Is a 49cc making it the first macho moped,
3rd A 85cc or 300cc engine Dirt Bike weighing only 70-80lbs,
4th A Polyuria sprayed inflatable street bike body package,
5th The Quad Conversion Package creates the first 100lb 4 wheel quad or 6 wheel ATV for cargo or stretcher transport,
6th Utilizes the K-Trak system converting the Quad into the first 100lb snow mobile.
7th A Sidecar like a dentist chair can reconfigure from a chair to a table shape, morphing from a sidecar to wheel chair (electrical or tracked) to a pull or tow cart to a gurney or rescue basket.
8th All of these variations also in a patented electrical engine joint venture.

Never before have all of these configurations been designed from the drawing board to move people in work or in play, through an all in one cycle system. The Folding Bike opens a world of fresh options, if you were to line up a new Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda or KTM dirt bike you would find no discernible differences. All these brands have to depend on is marketing and offer no new options to putting a motorcycle a backpack, parachuting it, in the trunk of a compact car or small airplane, on a bicycle rack, brought indoors easily or even caring it through the airport!

Never having touched a dirt bike, I created this out of necessity wail serving with Special Forces in Afghanistan. Designed to be a manufacturers dream as the proof of concept model was welded by my Afghan interpreter with a car battery and a coat hanger. Everyone can use this modular bike system from Military, Government, Sport/Utility and Forging markets where people ride bike ten times more than Americans. This is not an invention that you have to be ‘convinced’ you need it having lived this long just fine without one. Be it for fuel savings or saving lives, I don’t have to convince anyone to RIDE!


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