RFID base Gun Security System

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A through study and review embracing observed reports of several national tragedies, where guns were unauthorized to be used to perform acts of mass murders or to attempt to avoid capture after some other heinous acts and current security methods for stored and active weapons.

A research objective was begun of Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID advances, which then morphed into the design of an electronic gun lock system that would disable the gun once the weapon was removed from the immediate vicinity of the authorized user.

In the case, when the weapon removal is performed by another approved user (another officer or supervisor), the weapon would again become active. A great amount of thought has been given to the need of officers to have their weapons ready to use at a moment's notice. The response time for unlock in this system is twenty-five milliseconds maximum. That response insures that the weapon shall be available before the officer succeeds an attempt to unholster it. If the weapon is already un-holstered and is in the close vicinity of a properly programmed wrist band, the weapon shall remain ready until laid down or re-holstered. Once the weapon attitude sense indicates it has been placed on a surface it shall lock the weapon is guaranteed to be ready at all times, as long as the proper recharge regime is loosely followed.

A separate command module attached to a wristband and must be worn by a supervisor or otherwise responsible person in group settings. This module communicates with the wristbands, reading weapon ID and battery status from the RFID chips. This module also enables and disables the Secure Wristband to put on or off the user's wrist.

Available, the device is very thin, and is designed to be placed within the modified handle of the weapon.

All work to install the device must be done at a gun shop.


1. Wrist Band, polyester material V holds secret numbers of up to 128 weapons.
2. Secure Wrist Band a ceramic wrist band that expands slightly to fit over a person then once installed a mechanical link is established providing power to the RFID system in the wrist band.
If the band was properly removed all information is retained.
If the secure wrist band is removed from the user's arm without the proper disable instruction from the command module all information is lost, the wristband is useless until properly re-initiated, Secure wristband must be recharged every 48 hrs instantly, from any USB port
3. Gun Security Control module in two styles one for rifles one for pistols, has a dual axis gyro which sleeps until motion wakes it, then it wakens the CPU, is programmed for RFID and Bluetooth communications.
4. Gun security Control Module, has a CPU programmed for RFID and Bluetooth communication and command functions for the RFID wristbands..
5. Charger that fits into any AC socket, then provides a USB port to charge secure wristbands and cable for induction charging of weapon controls.


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