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Our revolutionary 3 IN 1 MINI COFFEE TUBE—AS A CONTAINER, A FILTER AND A STIRRING TOOL ALL IN ONE, filled with fresh ground coffee for making better singe coffee in a simpler way without a specific coffee machine.

A traditional single coffee bag can’t provide a strong enough water circulation for extracting most of the essences and aroma; it makes a weak or bitter beverage. A single cup machine is expensive for most of family. Our single disposable mini coffee tube comprising a porous tube, a rolled filter, a top, and bottom to form a complete container that provides the functions of holding coffee, filtering, and stirring in mugs or a coffee machine during the brewing process. ...

Operating a laptop on your lap is not comfortable in summer, an old slow laptop drives you crazy. Cooling down will increase speed significantly. Two key factors impact the performance: endless software updating and limited air circulation space. A tiny space resist air flow and heat dispel, increasing space under laptop is more efficient than added a fan. 3 in 1 laptop cooling pad, lap desk, & sleeve raises laptop 2” higher than most cooling pads, has most cooling efficiency. It is self-stored into a sleeve. It combines carrying, operating, and cooling for everywhere you go.

Our 3 in 1 bagged cooling pad increases air circulation space 10x compared to most cooling pads, lowering air and heat resistance dramatically. It ...

Most of the 3D phones in the market are basically displaying pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilizing the human binocular disparity. With reducing feature size of transistors, and increasing much more sophisticated and powerful processors, sensors, lasers and software tools, it is time to have a real 3D phone.

Our idea is to have a regular smartphone which can be used for daily habit (Fig. A). But, it can be expanded to a real 3D phone (Fig. B). We can use a modified version of True 3D Display using Laser plasma technology by Burton Inc. to implement this idea.

Also, using several front cameras causes to have a range of 3D effects for video chatting (Fig. C). To ...

For many visually impaired people, a cane or a stick is a close friend helping them to detect and avoid obstacles in the walking path. During walking with the cane going from place to place, they sense and guess directions and locations by hearing sounds surrounding, sniffing smells in the air, feeling touches on skin, counting footsteps as they walk, and memorizing events in time and space. However, it is difficult for them to guess where they are when the surrounding environment are new or changed, or when they get lost memory of locations.

The important writing method of blind people is to emboss Braille dots on paper with slate and stylus, and the result can be read by ...

The self cleaning drain system provides the features of conventional P-traps used with sinks and lavatories, but creates flow turbulence to break down and propel debris away. The system provides a permanent way to eliminate drain clogs, eliminating the need for chemical drain cleaners, plungers, expensive pipe repairs and environmental concerns.

Key Features:

1. Eliminate the need for chemical drain cleaners, plungers and pipe repairs.

2. Universal design that fits standard drains and superior to conventional P-traps.

3. It is designed to be self-cleaning and not needed to open the drain.

4. Has a shape that generates water turbulence that will clean the pipe, break down and flush unwanted debris.

5. A drain system with a green design, works ...

The headspace in containers for liquid and viscous products may originally be oxygen-free, but as the content is depleted, air is taken in and the oxygen concentration rises.
Bag-in-bottle solutions have separated content from the atmosphere by placing it in a flaccid inner container surrounded by a semi-rigid, flexible outer compartment containing air.

• The present invention reverses the roles of the two compartments: the product is in an outer, semi-rigid, flexible container made of an oxygen barrier, from which it is dispensed through a one-way valve with outward direction; air is sucked into a centrally positioned, distensible subcompartment through a one-way valve with inward direction. This subcompartment contains an oxygen scavenger, so the content is bounded on one ...

Dishwashers normally have a fine filter to capture food soils from dishes during wash cycles. Soil may be accumulated on the filter surface hence partially or completely clog it. When this happens, water may not go through filter sufficiently to supply circulation pump, hence the wash cycle has to be stopped and the dirty water drained. In some designs, the fine filter surface may not be cleaned thoroughly after drain hence filter efficiency may never recover in the remaining wash cycles.

An active fine filter cleaner is invented to clean the filter surface and save water usage. As shown in Fig. 1, it includes two rotation arms with water inlets pointing to opposite directions, close to the filter ...

INFLASOLE™ also known as “Inflatable Insoles” or “Adjustable Comfort Insole” is removable shoe inserts/orthotics with a miniature air-pump and relief-valve assembly built-in underneath arch pillow, so wearers can adjust air-pressure, the softness of the insoles, according wearers weight and activities, such as: Standing, Walking, Running, Sports, etc.

Athletes who use INFLASOLE™ improve their performance – they stand taller and can jump higher. Back pain, foot and knee injuries, caused by frequent impact on hard surfaces, while running and jumping, are significantly reduced.

INFLASOLE™ is made of several polyurethane materials and several components and assembled with special tools and radio frequency (RF) machines. See www.InflaSole.com .

Unlike traditional orthotics the NFLASOLE™ provides Heel Support and Dynamic Arch Support. When wearer, ...

Conventional cooling methods like Mechanical Vapour Compression Cycle uses refrigerants which contains CFC which depletes ozone. Looking forward for a green and cost efficient cooling source, the ‘Peltier-Seebeck’ effect paves way for a new technology called ‘Thermoelectrics’. When voltage is applied to Peltier element, it creates a temperature difference i.e one side becomes cold and the other becomes hot.

The main aim of this research is to use this cooling/heating source to replace conventional air conditioning techniques. While hot and humid Indian weather causes condensation on the cooling surface and as also humidity has to be controlled for human comfort, air has to be dehumidified before cooling it. Desiccant materials like activated charcoal, silica gel etc. has ...

Of a city’s total electricity consumption, more than 25% of the power is just consumed by the very basic need for air conditioning–to keep the temperature inside offices, homes, malls, shopping complexes, hypermarkets, cinema halls, factory complexes–at an ambient temperature for comfortable working, living and leisure.

MY INVENTION makes it possible to generate a self-perpetuating source of electrical power from an everyday appliance – the AIR CONDITIONER – a power-guzzler found in almost every household and every office and factory, in 80% of the parts of the world–and turn it into a POWER GENERATOR.

An air conditioner has 2 main components :
a) An electric fan motor revolving at a very high speed,almost 10,000 RPM, attached to 2 fan ...

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