Multi tasking Helmet

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A helmet for a super bike rider that has built-in headphones and a small see-through screen over the right eye. With a navigation system software built-in and connected to the satellite. With the speakers and the help of visual navigation through the eye piece of the helmet, a rider can never go the wrong way. And even police can use them for aiming their weapons if they could attach their weapons through a Bluetooth/some sort-of network dedicated for that weapon that policemen or SWAT or army personnel owns and with the help of self aim software. The Helmet can be used for spy missions with the help of a small built-in camera and the video can be transmitted to another place with the help of satellite.

-Inbuilt battery (chargeable)
-Inbuilt Microphone
-Inbuilt Camera (Normal view and Thermal view)
-Inbuilt Storage
-Inbuilt Speakers
-Inbuilt Satellite Transmitter
-Inbuilt Bluetooth Device
-Inbuilt Small Physical Storage.


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