3 In 1 Laptop Cooling Pad Lap Desk & Sleeve

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Operating a laptop on your lap is not comfortable in summer, an old slow laptop drives you crazy. Cooling down will increase speed significantly. Two key factors impact the performance: endless software updating and limited air circulation space. A tiny space resist air flow and heat dispel, increasing space under laptop is more efficient than added a fan. 3 in 1 laptop cooling pad, lap desk, & sleeve raises laptop 2” higher than most cooling pads, has most cooling efficiency. It is self-stored into a sleeve. It combines carrying, operating, and cooling for everywhere you go.

Our 3 in 1 bagged cooling pad increases air circulation space 10x compared to most cooling pads, lowering air and heat resistance dramatically. It maximizes the design power of original fan without consuming more energy and increasing noise. It has better cooling efficiency than most cooling pads.



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    Could we make a simple, reliable fitted, comfortable and visible N95 mask after we go to Mars? By using all of existed filtration, clear plastic, equipment, and process, we can make people wear a mask more safe, more comfortable, more visible for everyone in cheap cost in hard time.
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