Paper Shaper

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If you want to cut out a shape from a piece of paper, scissors or very fine hand cutter are your only friend. But if you have fine work to be cut out from a piece of paper, these would hardly help.

If you need to make a stencil for spray painting or make beautiful pieces of art and craft by cutting out pieces that you have drawn, there's not much you can do about other than patiently and slowly cutting them through.

The Solution:

I have a solution to the above problem. I have a special ink, that you can fill up in any ink pen. When you write or draw with the ink, it reacts with the piece of paper and brings down its kindling temperature significantly. When the paper is passed on a hot plate (which we provide) the outlines that you have drawn with the ink immediately char or burn out. That way the shape that you have drawn gets separated from rest of the paper.

We provide a pen and a concealed box heater with no hot part exposed, in which the paper can be fed once its been drawn upon to make beautiful/fun cutouts.

The ink is transparent, so can be mixed with any color for the ease of the artist to draw. Also the same ink can be used in INKJET PRINTERS to cut out your digital drawings.


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